Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Mom is so sorry she hasn't been blogging or visiting you!

Our Mom has been a very bad Mom, saying work is driving her crazy and no time for blogging !!! We are so sorry, We promise for our Mom to visit everyone ASAP.  We did forgive her because she took us for a wonderful walk at Saylorville where over 100 Bald Eagles are visiting right now.  Here we are resting, Yes, there is still snow here!  It just keeps snowing every weekend!
Gotta Love Snow! 
Does anyone think this could be the Iowa Ocean???
I don't know what an ocean is suppose to look like?
Mom was right under this tree before Bald Eagle took off! 
We agree with Mom, these are just so beautiful !
We couldn't even count how many Eagles we saw flying over our heads! 

Friday, February 13, 2009

I am such a very blessed little kitty-kat

My beautiful Huffle sent me this incredible beautiful picture of her!! I am the luckiest kitty-kat in the world!  Love you Huffle!  Your Beau, MrSippi