Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sunny Thursday Silly Ducks

Mom came home early because it was a sunny 70+ degree day and we got to go for a walk - Most of the trees have lost their leaves but many of the Maple Trees are quite beautiful. Here we are walking around Copper Creek Pond, Thor tried to drag Mom into the woods chasing after two huge ground hogs.

Those ground hogs were hiding just ahead in this picture in the woods.
We got hot so Thor had to show off because he can drink out of water fountain.
Here's another beautiful tree, We watered it!

Here's the silly ducks, they wouldn't get off of the sidewalk for people but we showed them! Mom took a picture as they flew away but we were dragging her so the picture was only the blue sky, darn it!
Looks like our work is done here, Thor!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wednesday Wanderings

Mom has to go to work today!  It's suppose to be our day but she did take us walking before at the fairgrounds and we found this Soy egg!  
Here we are lying in a very comfortable bed of leaves!  It make us smile at mom's camera.
Can you believe this Mama kissing Thor while he eats his breakfast? 
This little rascal hanging on for dear life, Sunday while the wind was blowing very hard. 
Carolina didn't think much of Mom taking her picture. 
Of course, I love my picture taken on OUR Couch!  Mom never gets to sit on it. 
Thor loves our couch too!  
MrSippi always shares the chair with Mom, he is saving her spot for her. 
This is Mama's Halloween scary eyes picture. 

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Perfect Fall day for a long walk

Yesterday we had an awesome long walk in the woods after Mom got home. This trail is 26 miles long but we only walked about 6 miles. Mom wanted to let everyone know - we didn't walk 14 miles last weekend. Only about 6 of that trail.
It's just beautiful with all of the fall leaves, crunching under our feet.
Mom loved this shot so she put us in it!!! We were there but not where she wanted us!

Taylor is our buddy, He really loves his Mom. Here Whisper was getting some loving from her Mom. It was too far for her to walk the entire way.
OHHHH - pretty trees
This was a perfect shot until Marco took off after another Dog.
Why are we stopping?
Is it time for more cookies and water?
More Beautiful Leaves
Scenic Lake picture!
Marco Polo wanted to kiss Whisper, but she laid down and he couldn't reach her.
The perfect picture of the day, Everyone was looking almost at the camera!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mom does the Race for the CURE

Today was the Race for the Cure in Des Moines, Iowa.  We almost beat the record of New York, We had over 23,500 folks walking or running !  Here's some pictures. Yes, after I finished the boys got a long long walk, pictures tomorrow of them!

Everyone got balloons. I had two different ones but couldn't keep ahold of them. Let me know if you see my purple or pink balloon flying over your houses! 
Pink Cement? 
The Boys could have fun going to dog shows in one of these.
People everywhere! It was only 40 degrees but it got warmer.  
A Pink Crane! 
Here we are on the state capital steps for our survivor picture.  
Another shot 
Here's everyone taking pictures of the Survivors!!! 
Here I am with my friend, Ellen, a 6 year survivor, I'm a 11 year survivor! 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mom is computerizing our pictures

It's been raining here so Mom made these pictures of us from photoshop, maybe tomorrow the sun will come back to Iowa.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Pin-up Shots

Mom is not doing a good job checking on everyone's Blog this week between having a very sick friend, work still driving her crazy, trying to paint the bedroom and living room and taking the boys to the hospital for their pet Therapy visits, but she did managed to take some pictures of US, working on her Christmas Card selection.  Here we are, we hope you like them!  
Here I am outside enjoying the sunshine!  MAMA
MrSippi didn't appreciate getting woke up for a picture.  
Carolina just plain ignored Mom 
Of course, Marco Polo loves his Mom so he poses for her.  
Of course, Thor is the biggest suck up for his Mom.