Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Hello Everyone,
It's Marco Polo and You can call off your search for me - I'm thinking this mean Lisa is not too bad.  She is walking me and giving me treats just for standing pretty.  I think I will stay plus I got to talk to the babies!  They are so sweet.

Happy Marco Polo


Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Yes, they are sooooo sweet!

Have fun!!

Make sure you learn to say


Before you leave!


cyber-sibes said...

Woos & a-roos Marco Polo!
Capn' Mav's blog is where we read about your plight. Glad to see you are out of prison & having a good time running around and looking pretty. You're a very handsome sibe guy! Enjoy the attention, smooch the babies for us.

Woos & harr-rooos
Star & Jack A-roo, "pirate in training"

The Army of Four said...

Rumor has is that Lisa the Mean really ISN'T all that mean! REALLY.
Did you get to say ha roo to all the little Deadliest Catchers?!? Aren't they just gorgeous?!?

Summit the Super Mal said...

Woo there~
I think you will soon be calling your captor Lisa the (not) Mean. That's my name for her. What a nice looking gait you have there. She will have you winning in style in no time. What's Thor doing whilst you are away at paw camp?

I agree with Khyra...get that Harrrrrrrrr down before you leave! But, if you really want some help getting out of there...just give me a woo. I'll toss the harness in my back-pack and head down.


PeeS: I am so furry jealous that woo got to snoof the Deadliest Catch babies. AND, are those Angels as beautiful in pawson?