Monday, April 20, 2009

Greetings from OBX

Hello Everyone,

Here we are at OBX (Outer Banks of North Carolina).  Marco Polo is at Camp Barynuk's visiting his brother.  We were hoping to get ahold of Khyra and visit her but the long trip too way to long and we didn't get to Dillsburg until at 9pm and Mom was exhausted.  We have been on a really long walk today on the beach and I'm having a great time playing with my biped sister's kids (Whisper and Taylor). The water sure tastes funny in the ocean.  WOO WOO Thor


Khyra The Siberian Husky And Sometimes Her Mom said...

I am sooooo furry bummed NOW!

Once again, sooooo khlose yet soooo far away!

Sorry traffikh was sukhky!

Maybe woo khan wave hi on your way bakhk!

SOOOO, is that the North Kharolina Ocean? Woo ought to tell Zim!

Have FUN!


Lorenza said...

Glad you are having a pawesome time!
Kisses and hugs

The Thundering Herd said...

Woo. You are so close to us. If you consider the other end of the state close. But we are planning to be down at the SC coast in 2 weeks, so that will be fun.

Play in the waves, They are fun.

PinkynAsh said...

Oh that looks like fun. Not sure we'd get in the water, but it looks pretty.

Cyber-sibes said...
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Cyber-sibes said...

Hey, it looks like woo are at the same beach we go to! (give or take a couple hundred miles down the coast). Enjoy the sand, the surf, the sun, and the solitude, dude! MP will be back in no time. : )

Woos & a-roos,
Star & Jack a-roo
(had to repost- - typos)

Princess Eva and Brice said...

have a romp in the waves for me!


Ozzie the OZmonster said...

Nice group picture by the ocean. You are having your summer road trip a little bit early. I hope that you are playing some fun games in the car.


The Army of Four said...

What a great picture! That ocean looks incredible!!!
Play bows,

The OP Pack said...

Too bad you had to miss seeing Khyra but you seem to be having fun with a couple of other nice friends. Enjoy your stay.

Woos, the OP Pack

Steve, Kat, & Wilbur said...

Oh cool! You are on vacation at the ocean. I hope you get to go swimming and jump through waves and all the other fun stuff.