Tuesday, December 11, 2007

December Ice Storm

The ice storm that hit Oklahoma and Missouri yesterday came to Iowa today. Lots of kids got out of school, businesses were closed, the mall even closed and my satellite dish has ice so I can't get a signal, but I also got to work from home today and play with the kids. Here they are having fun outside. You can't really see all of the ice on the tree branches but they are covered. Luckily for us, no huge branches fell in our yard. The deck was a sheet of ice so both Thor and Marco kind of slid off when they went outside but they didn't care. They loved digging in the snow and the ice. Marco spent a lot of time eating icicles. Thor continued his dig to Japan but at least with all of the snow and and ice, his feet got cleaned off before he came back into the house. I really could get used to working from home full-time. I get so much more work done - i even wiped down my living room walls, cleaned the windows, washed the mini blinds plus did a load of laundry while I watched TV and did my work! Talk about multi-tasking! Tomorrow we have to get out, I need milk so hopefully they will plow our street, of course, I will have to snow blow the driveway and sidewalks! Good thing I get to work from home tomorrow! Good Night!

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