Monday, December 10, 2007

Marco Polo is a Houdini

Boy, Mom was sure surprised to see Marco Polo waiting for her at the back door when she came home from work. Yup, Mom was so careful locking the crate doors in the morning there he was. Mom had to do a quick Cat count. Yes, MrSippi, Mama and Carolina were all alive and not damaged at all. The house was still in one piece and all of the cat litter and poops were still in the litter box. Marco had been out for sometime. His favorite stuffed animal was on Mom's bed but the bed , carpet, everything in the house was still intact. What happened, Marco Polo's crate front was pulled inside of his crate - how he did it, we will never know. Thor was waiting patiently inside of his crate and Marco refused to tell us how he managed to get out of the crate.
Here he is enjoying the breeze from the deck.

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