Monday, December 10, 2007

My Snow Angel Thor

No one could possibly love snow more than my Thor. You could just see the joy in his face when he ran off of the deck the first day we had snow. Here's some pictures of Thor making Snow Angels. When we went for a walk yesterday, he snow plowed with his nose all over the grassy parking lot of the Iowa State Fair Grounds. I'm sure he was looking for little furry creatures to play with. Yes, he is quite the little hunter and I'm amazed how well he can find the little mouse and other rodents in the snow. I think he can hear them digging trying to hide.

He could spend forever outside on the snow - I think he likes the feel of it on his face. In fact, the colder it is, the harder time I have convincing Thor to come inside. He just likes to sit outside on the deck enjoying the winter air.

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